Karandikar Laboratories has developed India’s first Certificate E- learning program on Safe Operations in Hazardous Atmospheres..

Visit the E-learning website at https://klpl.eklavvya.in

E-learning courses

Benefits of the E-Learning platform? –

  • Uniform delivery worldwide – The course can be taken simultaneously by any number of candidates globally without having to travel or adjust to the trainer’s schedule
  • Convenient & Flexible – Candidates can take the course from the comfort of their homes / offices as per their schedule.
  • Cost Effective – Delivery of the course and the assessment are online thus candidates / companies save on logistics and boarding costs, in addition to the cost of missing work.
  • Self-Paced – Allows candidates to take the course in their free time and not need to take leave from work.
  • Use of technology – Enhances the learning experience with the help of the latest audio-visual aids, and live case studies which cannot be simulated in a classroom.

KLPL01E – Safe Operations in Hazardous Atmospheress

Target audience –All individuals working in or aspiring to work in Hazardous (Explosive) atmosphere industries.

Prerequisites –30 hours (online content)


This course covers various topics which are essential for maintaining safety in a hazardous atmosphere. The course includes topics like –

  • Understanding the mechanics of an explosion
  • Characteristics of explosive gases & dusts
  • Commonly occurring ignition sources
  • Area classification i.e. classification of hazardous areas into zones
  • The principles of the protections concepts and their general requirements like –
    • Temperature class,
    • Equipment groups,
    • Gas groups
    • Equipment Protection Levels (EPLs)
    • Ingress protection (IP)
  • Selection of appropriately protected equipment
  • Design and installation requirements of the individual protection concepts,
  • The ability to visually detect conditions which could void the protection concept thus making the installation unsafe.